Posted 5 months ago

The Government has made it clear what is and isn't allowed when it comes to landlords or letting agents charging tenants from the 1st June 2019.

Tenant fees have long been a hot topic with some letting agents charging hundreds of pounds before a tenancy even begins, resulting in the Government acting and bringing in new legislation in the form of a tenant fee ban. However letting agents have been unsure as to how far this ban would go and what would be included.

Initially the ban will only apply to existing tenancies with it eventually being extended to cover all tenancies roughly a year later.

Landlords and letting agents will be unable to charge for the any of the following items:-

  • Credit checks and guarantor forms
  • Referencing
  • Admin charges
  • Requirements to have specific insurance providers
  • Cleaning or gardening services
  • Inventories

However they will be allowed to charge the following:-

  • Holding deposits
  • Rent
  • Deposits
  • Charges for defaulting on the contract

Other restrictions will also be in place to prevent landlords from setting the rent at a higher level for the first portion of the tenancy together with placing a limit on the maximum amount for a holding deposit.